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It is my pleasure to welcome you to our web site. Electric Boat has a distinguished history, tracing its roots to February 7th, 1899, when the company was established to complete a vessel that would revolutionize naval warfare.

Named Holland for its inventor, the visionary Irishman John Phillip Holland, this 54-foot vessel in 1900 became the first commissioned U.S. Navy submarine.

Since then, the Holland’s successors have been employed to radically reshape naval warfare and maritime strategy, while contributing to the successful outcome of World War II and play an indispensable role in the country’s Cold War victory.

Throughout these years, Electric Boat has developed and maintained a reputation for leadership in a demanding industry that is defined by innovation, technical superiority and the rigorous application of unrelenting quality standards.

During World War II, U.S. submarines established their value beyond any doubt, playing a pivotal role in the Pacific Campaign, where they accounted for 55 percent of all enemy vessels sunk, while comprising only 1.6 percent of Navy ships. Electric Boat’s contribution to the war effort was significant, as the company delivered more submarines to the U.S. fleet than any other shipyard. At the peak of its wartime production, Electric Boat launched a submarine every two weeks.

In the early 1950s, the company responded to an extraordinary new challenge from the Navy to design and build the first nuclear-powered submarine, USS Nautilus. Christened by First Lady Mamie Eisenhower in 1954, Nautilus went to sea a year later, signaling the now-historic message: “Underway on nuclear power.”

Driven by the challenges of the Cold War, Electric Boat developed a continuous series of innovations to support the Navy’s fleet. From the development of the first ballistic-missile submarine for strategic deterrence to the design of the exceptional stealth capabilities that are the hallmark of today’s U.S. attack submarine force, Electric Boat has helped the Navy sustain and strengthen its undersea dominance.

Today Electric Boat is the design yard and prime contractor for the Virginia-class submarine program. The Virginia class is the first major warship completely designed in a virtual environment, a capability pioneered by the people of Electric Boat. With each Virginia-class submarine Electric Boat delivers, the company is shortening the construction schedule and reducing the cost, helping establish the program as a model for defense procurement.

Employing many of the best practices used in the Virginia program, Electric Boat is currently engaged in the development of the Ohio Replacement, the third generation ballistic-missile submarine, which will provide strategic deterrence for the nation well into the remainder of this century. The Ohio Replacement Program represents the future of our company, as we develop new tools and processes to design submarines for the U.S. Navy. Key to our future success will be the new employees who come aboard and learn how to design, build and support nuclear submarines and their undersea systems.

Throughout its distinguished history, Electric Boat has been defined by its people, their skills and the legendary commitment they bring to their jobs. A tangible sense of pride runs through the entire work force - shipyard trades, designers, engineers and the rest of the disciplines required to produce what is arguably the most complex product built by man.

Electric Boat remains dedicated to maintaining and advancing its superb technical capabilities while providing the business leadership required to effectively manage the challenges of nuclear-submarine production. We will succeed by applying an intensity of purpose to a level of shipbuilding competence that sets the industry standard and provides the U.S. Navy with undisputed undersea superiority.
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